At last we have young Ranger who arrived last night thanks to Janet and Gillian kindly transporting him over. He's Welsh crossed with heck knows what else. He was a bit scared backing off the float but at last he came off without a hitch. Poor Gillian though ended up with a couple of bites from the little monkey. 

 Ranger is only 4 years old and hasn't had much handling. So this will be interesting. He bites as well. His previous owners perhaps didn't realise letting a pony get away with biting people wasn't a good thing to allow. It's one bad habit that we will soon put a stop to.

He was soon quick enough to go and meet the old man who at 31 years old needed some equine company.
The old boy soon put Ranger in his place showing him who was the boss. Typical horses to sort things out where who was the top of the herd and who had to follow. And older horse is always good to have around when it comes to youngsters needing to learn some manners. Ranger soon got the message the old man was in charge. 

 Now he's with us here at the Mad Bush Farm getting used to the Terrorist following him everywhere. I don't think she is used to seeing a shorter version of the old man who is 15 hands high not a mere 9 hands or so in height. He's unbroken so this will take a bit of time to sort out. I've done a few horses in my time and ponies as well. The key is patience and a quiet attitude. When he is sorted out he will be a wonderful little pony. At least now the old man has some equine company again, it's nice to have some life return to the farm after so many losses over the last couple of years.  I'll admit it he's a cute little guy and really pretty as well. Hope you like the photos. It was fun watching the Terrorist try to figure out just what was going on.River decided she would just leave him be - for the moment at least.


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