A bit of a Cow and Pony Show?

Young Ranger had a taste of his first experience with in-hand training today. He took it quite well and didn't cause too much bother. He was quiet enough to let my youngest Michelle hold while I went and got the camera.

He did really well for the very first time. Clever little horse he is. He was very good for Michelle, who has autism, and considering she doesn't know very much about horses she did really well to hold Ranger for me while I took the photos. And then someone else wanted to be part of the 'show'. They talk about Dog and Pony Shows? Okay so how about.....

...a Bovine Jersey Terrorist and Pony Show? Of course the Terrorist being as nosey as she is (typical!) wanted to be part of it all. Don't they make a pretty picture. I don't think they have classes at the shows for Jersey Terrorists and wee ponies named Ranger. And then.....

 The Terrorist decided to use Michelle as a convenient scratching post. How rude! Ranger just stood there and didn't worry at all about a nosey Jersey using a kid as a scratching device. It could start a new trend perhaps? I think not.


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