Avoiding the Evil Claws of Sasquatch..and failing

Hmm. That all I have to say about Sasquatch at the moment. Well this is one very chilled out cat if I've ever seen one. Of course he had decided to climb on top of our ancient chest freezer just when I had decided I needed to get in there. And what did I get for all my troubles??? YOU'VE GUESSED IT! CLAWS IN HAND..OUCHY OUCHY OUCHY. UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!! A-hem please excuse the shouting. Yes he is definitely now confirmed as being evil - so much for me being sucked into taking that cute little Celing Cat Kitteh home. Oh yes he was sooo angelic for about two seconds that was. After that...well things went down hill from there....

And of course when I decided I was going to fix up the sofa that same day...what did I get? THE SAME SET OF CLAWS IN MY HAND!!!! Ouchy couchy syndrome. This is just getting sooo unfair. I am a victim of three evil cats..from the looks I was getting anyone would think they ran the place..umm maybe I should agree with them..or not.

With a 13 month old pot-bellied Terrorist still determined to be as close as possible to the hooman's house those evil cats may get a run for their kittie stash. She sat all night on the hill watching my fat head pass by the window every now and then as I cursed the price charged for plasters, and yet again, tried to figure out just how to outwit that evil Sasquatch..so far I'm failing miserably on that plan. No only one thing the Terrorist wanted - my clothes...

I attempted of course to engage in some kind of intelligent conversation with the small rotten maruspial sod that had parked himself in Anne and Cameron's shed. I was told there were 71 million solutions to my dilemma..none of them good. But all were small, hairy, smelly and destructive...one less joined his maker the other night. Simon our farm dog kindly saw to that. Good Dog! I'll get a photo of him next blog post he deserves it! Great dog no regrets there.

River's calf has grown a lot. He's just over six weeks old and growing fast. But could he help me find an answer to avoiding the evil claws of Sasquatch? Of course not. He just gave me a dirty look and went back to having a drink off Mum. Stream the black heifer is next to calve. Sometime next week by the way things are going. We'll keep you posted there.

I attempted to hide from the evil Sasquatch by going bush...it lasted a lousy 5 minutes. He got me.


  1. cats are definitely secretly ebil, for sure. they have ulterior motives I think. pity you didn't have simon handy for the marsupial

  2. EBIL..arrgghhh LOL Yes they do have ulterior motives. Clawz the stoopid hooman nowzzzz

  3. Nice cow update. They are changing so much!
    That Sasquatch... That first picture tells you he is not aligned with ceiling cat... :-)


  4. Hi Jennifer! Yes the cows are changing. I'm still finding it hard to believe all those calves I've handraised are now having calves of their own and one of course has been the bull fathering those calves. We were meant to eat Micah the bull but he's been so quiet and easy to deal with and he's fathering good calves why get rid of him. River's calf is really nicely put together.

    Sasquatch is definitely EBIL he's waiting for me right now...I'll start hiding..LOL

  5. Hey Liz!

    I just watched this video and thought of you. Just change the cat's name to Sasquatch instead of Sparta and it would be perfect. :-)


  6. Don't ya just luv it when the cats give you the "you're gonna make me move?" bit.


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