Simon said to the Pieman give that me bone!

Simon the Huntaway

I know I said I wouldn't get any more dogs. Well sorry but I broke my own rule on this one. For one he's a farm dog. His name is Simon and he came from a dairy farm. He was supposed to work the cattle not walk away from them. Bullet and Simon were not meant for each other - but coming to live here on the Mad Bush Farm has just made our week. He's a Huntaway the type of typical New Zealand Farm dog with a nice big deep bark and a great temperament. Stock proofed, kid proofed and everything else proofed. Just my kind of dog. Little Sonny in the mean time is enjoying his new home he now has one more little Chihuahua friend to play with which makes the total pack at Marie's place five. He's doing really well and I know I found him the right home. We have the dog we wanted to have and that's really cool.

Hey wait for me!

The kids took Simon for a walk around the farm. The photos I got of them crossing the bog with Simon was hilarious so here they all are....
Oi! Not so fast there..where's the dog gone?

I am sooo going to clonk you!

Errm Darn I've been caught on camera Smile darlings...

The determination was obvious...

My wonderful Friend Gillian with Simon

Well I've got Gillian to thank for Simon. She brought him over from the farm today - how could I say no to such a beautiful dog. Sasquatch and co are disgusted of course, but after putting up with Sonny for three weeks I think they're well used to dogs by now.

And Simon got his bone after all

Meanwhile the kitties have been up to their usual stuff. Sasquatch is very very evil still. My arm is very sore from all that torment he has inflicted up the stoopid hooman each morning..unfair! I think he is trying to truly disguise the fact that he truly is a card carrying member of The Minions of Basement Cat Association (Celing Cat Disguise Mode Division) and is still attempting to be the perfect appealing Celing Cat Follower ...well we'll see tomorrow if the perfect Celing Cat follower image is working on the stoopid hooman after all.


  1. Well Liz, you know me I love animals. The more the merrier I say. Simon's lovely! Can't wait to meet him.

  2. Hi Liz,

    I always say that we have enough of everything, just not in the right places. Glad that the one pup went to the right crew and that this handsome specimen,Simon, came to your farm. His head shot is like a Ralph Lauren ad!

    I forgot to mention that when we were in southern British Columbia in Canada this summer we were in Sasquatch country. They even have a Sasquatch national park.

  3. What a lovely looking boy Simon is!
    Haven't heard of the Huntaway breed before now but they look great.

  4. Hi guys!

    Well finally I'm starting to catch up with everyone and everything.

    Amy yeah he's a great dog we really love him. He's not leaving!

    Patricia- Saquatch would love knowing you've been to Sasquatch country. He's been very evil lately and getting me a lot with his claws. It would have been stunning country to visit for sure. Lucky you!

    Sonny is very happy and doing so well in his new home. Simon is the right dog for us here on the farm. He's actually crossed with a border collie we found out but a great dog and he's lots of fun. The cats have clawed him.

    Jayne - Hey thanks for that. He's a great dog we're glad we have him. Very easy going and he doesn't bite people or have problems like little Sonny did. But Sonny has gone from strength to strength and he has a great home with lots of other Chihuahua dogs to play with. I'm catching up now with all the blogs as I go so hope to be over very soon.

    Take care guys


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