Now I know who the Teacher of the Evil Sasquatch is!

Hmm now i know the truth. This HAS to be the cause of the conversion by Sasquatch into practicing Minion of Basement Cat. This morning he got my arm, my head, and my toes. much for being innocent and sweet. I know now with this evil Minion Of Basement Cat teaching Sasquatch to be very evil indeed..I don't stand a chance...I'm going to go and find some more plasters now he just clawed my leg now.


  1. Those couple black hairs on his head corrupted his brain. Good thing you are on to him! :-)

    Thanks for the nice comment on our blog. We just got our first egg this week from the new chickens! There is one pullet we are wondering if it is a rooster, but we'll see soon enough... cocka-doodle-doo! :-) I am so behind on updating the blog, I have a few posts in mind, but haven't had the chance to get them up there.

    I am ready for fall here, you can have your summer back down there! :-)


  2. Have you tried wearing cricket leg pads? Or may be boxing gloves.

  3. I'd suggest clawing and biting him back except when I tried that I was coughing up fur balls for days afterward... :P

  4. Lol oh man loving that poster! So funny. Oh I hope you don't mind but I'm featuring your blog on the maungi website - I'm kind of in the process of putting as I type.



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