Teaching Life's Lessons..even to a dog

Barely five days ago I came home with a less than friendly puppy. Dumped on me by my ex-husband simply because the pup had become suddenly a very bad problem. The only problem was the people - not the dog. We've made huge progress in a very short time. A visit to Amy's today reinforced my belief that perhaps Sonny had finally realised nobody was out to hurt or growl at him. Amy's dog Tia had had similar aggression issues and she hadn't ever been badly treated. She had a great home - just a little dog with a big dog rules the house attitude. Not anymore she doesn't. Amy has done wonders with her and tonight that was confirmed with both dogs getting along really well. Tia played boss but it was her house. No biting anyone, no snarling or growling. Sonny jumped up onto Amy's lap, and above is the proof, that yes, indeed, a little love and kindness goes a long way to putting things right. How's that for a good thing and not just for the dogs but for all of us today. Thanks Amy you rock!


  1. Tia's face in the background is priceless! LOL jealous indeed! nah you rock girl! you've got one cute little critter there...

  2. I think there is no such thing as a problem dog - only a problem owner. That little dog looks fine. They really only want to know what is top dog, and if it isn't them then they soon fall into line. It is nice to be back in blogland after my holiday in US

  3. I love stories with happy endings!

  4. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  5. Wonderful!

    Would you like a small sulky pink giraffe called Necky Becky to teach life's lessons to?!! (All the cats would join in yowling when she sings!!)

  6. Well done!
    A little TLC goes a long way with animals and hoomans ;)


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