Dishwasher Cats, Sleepy Cat and Goggie progress

Dishwasher Cat. A new product or employee for the Mad Bush Farm Kitchen. Sasquatch is doing a fine job at giving the new goggie the evil Minion of Basement Cat (Part Time employed) glare. Goggie has faced the trial of sharp Emerald Kitteh claws and the growly snarl of Dream. He has a lot to learn...
A little bit of sunshine this morning and a goggie on the floor meant Dream was on the old chest freezer being a typical Freezer cat and having a sleep sitting upright and pretending to be a work of art cat. So far goggie has had two snarls from her and a couple of claw swipes.
As for the Goggie. He was such a sad withdrawn little dog when I brought him home. Social Skills for this dog rate a huge big fat zero. Aggression, fear and biting seem to be the main problems. Yesterday when my Mum came to visit Sonny was still barking and growling at her. I gave her some treats to give to the dog and this definitely improved what could have been a bad situation. This morning I had to move the cows. That was an interesting experience. Walking a tiny little long haired chihuahua with an attitude problem on a piece of string for a lead just seemed somehow utterly ridiculous. I got to the top and tied him up to the fence well that was really interesting. Sonny completely lost it snarling and barking at the cows as they came up the hill and across into the next paddock. I left him tied there for 15 minutes and totally ignored him and his silly behaviour. It worked nicely. He decided barking wasn't going to get him anywhere so he sat down and just stared
Finally this afternoon I went to the Vet Centre and was told off by Katherine for being a big softie. Amy....just HAD to tell her we had a goggie here.LOL Amy and I are going to get our dogs together for a play session. This will help Sonny socialise and not be a snarly growly puppy. Positive reinforcement has worked wonders on this little dog. He's listening 99% of the time and the whole family including my Mum are involved with his training. I've had a dog ten times worse then this little pup would ever be and after a year of consistent training and loads of priase and love Josh became the best dog I ever had. Reading about Chihuahuas and their little traits has been an eye opener. Lucky for me I've had poodles before and this breed of dog has similar (bad) habits. He'll come around. Lousy weather here. Winter has come...YUK!


  1. I love the idea of walking Sonny on a piece of string going to move the cows! It's lovely to hear of his progress already. What a warm-hearted person you are!

  2. Gosh you do have some different kinds of kittehs there lol. between tia and sonny i have to wonder who will be the pack leader when you come for a visit, I think they both think they're the boss. btw I LOVE winter!

  3. There is an old country saying here,
    "If it's not one thing, it's two things." Best of luck with your little pooch.

  4. Sounds like you got your work cut out with the new recruit but good to hear he's responding so well so early!

  5. OMGAWD! LOL Look at you with puppy posted on your blog!!!! LOL you sucker! I think your ex knew you cant say no, but sure sounds like this little guy needs you! Just hope he doesnt bite anyone! I couldnt help but think of one thing as i read about moving cows while walking him on a that like pup on a rope! LOL He better watch out or the bossy felines will have him for supper! Not to mention Terrorist wreaking havoc on this little furry baby! Hey its all better with a big family! So welcome little furbaby's!

  6. Wow Sasquatch looks sooo pretty in these pictures!! And so does little Sonny.. he is young now but I'm sure that with the passage of time he'll learn and become a great companion and friend of you guys. Dream looks very 'dreamy' in that photo too!

    So glad that you have another animal companion at the farm, even though it means more responsibility and perhaps more mayhem...but still you will surely have more fun.

    Take care and have a great next couple of weeks :)

  7. LOL
    The mental image of walking that itty bitty canine on a piece of string is hilarious ;)
    Sonny does have a rather sweet little face, hope his temperament soon matches it ;)

  8. Sounds like training a kid to stop a tantrum. Sonny looks cute. I love his face. Funny how small dogs can be irritating, just like my rat terrier. She ran out on the street this morning to attack a big dog. My husband had to chase her in his business suit and socks. Looked hilarious.

  9. Sasquatch is growing so fast. Sonny has his work cut out for him with those cats. I think the cats will rule.



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