I said no dogs...yeah right so much for that big plan. Yet again I have been foiled. I said no cats either I was foiled on that plan as well wasn't I. Meet Sonny. All of 4 months old. A long haired Chihuahua that hasn't had too good a start in life. He was causing problems at the house where he lived. Barking all day and chasing kids down the street. We know his story. The family he lived with were okay but they weren't home enough for the little puppy. So my ex-husband David showed up this morning with this little guy asking us to give him a home. The cats were not pleased. Sonny will have to be cat proofed, chicken proofed and stock proofed and everything else proofed as this rate. Ugly mouse must die is his victim at the moment. I don't like Chihuahuas at all I'll be honest. They've never appealed to me at all but...well maybe I can like this little guy. Yeah I do and he's already coming when I call him and I've had him all of 2 hours? He growled at me at first. I ignored him totally and just carried on going about my business.
Yeah well looks like there'll be another added to the insanity at Mad Bush Farm..groan...


  1. he is absolutely gorgeous! Tia is going to love him, she has a thing for little boy dogs LOL. Bring him around when you come over next and they can play together. One thing of warning tho is that little dogs sometimes have little dogs syndrome, they think they are alot bigger so watch out for that boss attitude they have LOL. I'm sure he'll be fine with you guys, probably just needs alot of consistent love and to learn how to trust people.

  2. Now are you certain that he is a dog and not some sort of shaggy other sort of creature. In the last photo it looks as though his little brain is saying, I know who will be the boss of this outfit sooner or later!

  3. Start training him with food rewards now before he gets too set in his ways/behaviour ;)
    Nice looking critter :)

  4. Hi Guys

    Amy - He is a sweet little dog. Just very very scared. Nah I'm used to little dogs. Had a toy poddle and a miniature one once. Consistency is the key. I've won him over already. He'll be just fine.

    Patricia - Well that's what I was wondering. Was he a RAt with lon fur and pointy ears or was he a cat gone horribly wrong. Poor puppy. He's settled already and hasn't caused any bother. The Chickens aren't please and neither are the cats. Heck what am I going to do with a Chihuahua on a farm? Madness...LOL. Boss not this doggy. Maggie the Black chicken rules the roost. Sonny will soon find that out.

    Jayne - Lucky this puppy is still very young. He'll be a different dog in six weeks. Just needs patience and food rewards do work really well. Yeah I'm well used to dogs for sure. Had a few in my time most rescues or behavoural issues. All died of old age. Wierd having another after so long..

  5. Told you the thin end of the wedge was furry. He's very cute, just let him know he comes last after you, the girls and the cats. Cats rule dogs drool ;-)

  6. Haha, I knew this day would come for you!



  7. Hi Liz
    He does look cute and I thought the same as Patricia. He has that "Boss" look in his eye.
    ps I have a cat that drools then shakes her head to flick it all over me!!
    Plus I came home to cat sick madness today then to cap it all off, she fell off the back of the sofa while sleeping and landed on my head. x

  8. Awwwww! I don't lie Chihuahuas either, but he's so cute
    !!!!! At least he has enough fur on him.

  9. How cute! I look forward to hearing about his progress with the cats and chickens!

  10. Aww, I know what you mean about Chihuahua's - fat rats, LOL, but just look at that cute face!


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