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I've never drawn a tiger before and this one isn't perfect. He has an extra stripe where he shouldn't have one. I could sit here at the keyboard and pick a heap of holes in this drawing but I won't. Sitting up half of last night looking at drawings of cat anatomy made me realise just how incredible this family of animals really are. At this rate I'll end up with a cat blog with maybe the odd chicken or something thrown in.I'm kidding here. Drawing cats I have found is very very challenging. More so when it's a member of the cat family with stripes or spots all over the place. Some have a multitude like the jaguar and others like the Snow Leopard have a few less to sketch out. I realised from some of my reading lately that once at the beginning of the 20th Century there used to 100,000 tigers in the wild. Now it's estimated that number is down to a mere handful at 3,500 remaining animals and dropping
Images like this of the gentleman hunter who so proudly shows off his tiger you don't see anymore. Thank goodness. Now it's the turn of the poachers to do that damage fueling a black market trade based on pure myth and superstitious beliefs thousands of years old. Let's hope that in a 100 years time we will still have our tigers living in the wild and not just in zoos or private collections.


  1. Cool sketch Liz, that's worthy of being uploaded to the lion man fb page, beats what's up there.

  2. Nah I'd end up being one the Fanatics.Ha hah hahahah that entire thing has made me laugh. That's what fan means so someone reckons..hah hahh.LOL LOl V.I. I'm not...

  3. I would never have noticed a stripe missing if you hadn't told me. Are you a perfectionist by any chance?
    Beautiful sketch, and I love your information about numbers of tigers left. So sad to see the photo of the man and proud woman with their tiger. Good thing, times have changed. Thanks for that great post.

  4. Hi Sonia

    I enjoyed your last post about the Belize Gossips. No I'm not a perfectionist just aware of how proportions on animals should be. this was a first go and I don't throw my drawings into the bin. I learn from them then do better next time. The tiger population shrinking is a concern like so many other vunerable species we have in the world greedy people are dead set on destroying them. Very sad. Yes that photo is a sad reminder of just how wasteful people could be. I think that image is from 1903. thanks for dropping over and saying hi

    Take care

  5. Wow! That's a lovely sketch, you're very talented and I'm very jealous because I can't draw to save my life!

  6. It's still better than what i can do! Whole lots better.


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