Success for Federated Farmers Farm Day

With the conclusion of today’s inaugural Federated Farmers Farm Day, a big thank you goes out to everyone involved in making the event a success,” says Don Nicolson, Federated Farmers President.

“The farmers who opened their gates up to the public with the goal of reconnecting our urban and rural communities are congratulated for the work they put in to organising the day. As are the dozens of volunteers who gave their time up to show guests around each of the 25 diverse farms that hosted a Federated Farmers Farm Day.

“A big thank you must also go to those members of the public who donned their gumboots and headed on to the farm to see what real farmers do, each and every day.

“We were very impressed with the enthusiasm and attitude shown by every visitor. We hope they were inspired by rural New Zealand and went away with a better understanding of the important role agriculture plays in each and every one of our lives.

“I know every farmer involved with Federated Farmers Farm Day relished the opportunity to have a yarn and tell their stories to these visitors.

“Despite poor weather in some parts of the country, hundreds of families visited a Federated Farmers Farm Day across New Zealand. The first ever Farm Day was a tremendous success and we can now focus on making next year’s event bigger and better,” Mr Nicolson concluded.


  1. WOW! Your blog has changed! I almost couldnt find where to leave comments! Those felines sure do look like happy little kitties! And I see a little smirk that spells trouble! LOL
    Tip i've heard on gardening...cover with dead leaves and then a tarp...seeds lay dormant in the soil and can pop up again...I hear this works wonders...you may not have dead leaves right now but something to think about for the end of growing season! I'm still praying for you mom!

  2. Hey there Rae!!!

    Yes it has changed. I'm still putting it all together. Sorry you almost missed the comments. Thanks for the gardening hint I'll give that a try. Those kitties are naughty and fun too.LOL!

    Thanks for your caring over my Mum. She's had a couple of bad days with tiredness and fever but yesterday she was doing a lot better. We're just taking things day to day which is all we can do.

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