Go to bed Maggie!

He'd rather be sound asleep with his mum than doing this silly show thing Highland Calf at the Paparoa A & P Show

Maggie has decided now the chicken house isn't good enough - again! Were I a true farmer as in where's the axe Maggie would be in my pot by now. Of course not my kids would never talk to me again. Last night there she was roosting outside the house looking at me as if I had done something horribly wrong. Of course I had - she can't raid our new garden anymore, so now it's stare at the hooman through the rather dirty looking ranchslider glass. I'll have to clean it I guess too many fingerprints and dust from summer are telling me it needs attention. Despite several attempts by me to put Maggie into the chook house she wasn't having a bar of it. So there outside the window she stayed. The hooman was foiled.

His Mum though didn't mind being shown off by her owners

Yesterday was a day of nothingness I watched a movie, read a fantastic book titled The Zoo War written by my very close friend Lisa for the third time (I love it thank you Lisa!), then put up with the Terrorist complaining about the rain. I put her cover back on for a couple of hours and that seemed to keep her happy. Normally I don't spoil my calves this one though has been spoilt rotten - little toad. I enjoyed my day thoroughly - nothing to do but relax, read, and enjoy a very good movie As Good as it Gets with Jack Nicholson. One of the best films ever produced as least I think so anyway. Worth a watch if you haven't seen it already. And I have just watched Maggie attempt to raid the garden and get yet another shock off the fence. She'll learn...eventually!


  1. Read the book, it's fantastic!
    Nothingness days are very important for the soul ;)

  2. Hi Jayne it's awesome isn't it!!! I haven't had a nothingness day in months. Needed it!!!LOL

  3. I'm jealous...nd nothingness badly! havent had one in ages! love the calf and cow...what a cool breed, we dont have those around here...that calf is adorable! All that long hair! must be hard to get poo off of tho! LOL

  4. Thanks, Liz, you are too kind (bows). North Shore Libraries recently purchased two copies of The Zoo War -- I still can't quite get over how well it's gone down! Cheers also for your comment on the training grounds trilogy. I'm fine, BTW -- just working my way as best as I can through the recession, as are we all. Take care, dear friend.

  5. As Good As It Gets is a great movie, it is one of my favorites. Verdell the dog is a scene stealer.


  6. woah it sure has changed in here! lol bout Maggie, guess she knows now she doesn't rule the roost.

  7. Hi Guys,

    Rae - Nothingness is something we all need Jayne is right there it's good for the soul. I really like those Highland Cattle. small and tough and they'd survive a harsh winter for sure. I'm thinking about getting a bull for next season.
    Hope everything for Georgia is going okay.

    Lots of Love & Hugs Liz

    Ice - How could I NOT rave about the Zoo War? It's awesome. That's great news to hear you've had an order for more.Cool. Hang in there things will get better.

    Love Storm

    Jennifer - I agree there Verdell was the scene stealer in a great movie. I love it!LOL

    Amy - Yeah I changed the template and I still have to fix it all up. Was out most of yesterday sorting out the WINZ stuff. Done and sroted which is really really good..Maggie has learned and now she's keeping clear.LOL!

  8. My life is so different from yours, as far as living on a farm. I can't comment too much as I've never lived on a farm. I did see "As Good as it Gets," and liked it, but I preferred "A Good Year," based on the book by Peter Mayle, taking place in Provence, southern France. Russell Crowe is in that movie. Have you seen it?

  9. Hi Sonya

    A Good Year has to be another top ten favourite of mine. Perfomances ten out of ten. Brilliant plot, brilliant acting and I loved the ending. Awesome. It was hilarious when that guy back at the Sharebrokers ended up losing his job after he had been outsmarted.LOL!
    Thanks for dropping in and saying HI!
    Lucky you for meeting all those fantastic famous people

    Take care