My silly Farm Diary

Everyone with a farm of any description likes to keep a Farm Diary. In it gets recorded the fertiliser dates, the calving, the lambing and the drenching and anything else important such as pasture growth rates, mating and machinery maintenance. I have a serious Farm Diary that does have those things recorded then there is my silly Farm Diary. The one that I love to sit down and do especially when I've had a couple of bad days. Yesterday was a complete disaster. The car decided it wasn't going to start and some family stuff got in the way. This morning has been even worse. The electric fence decided to start backfeeding on the current and a horse got out. I had turkeys trying to destroy my yet to be planted newly restored vegetable garden (parsnips are going in today) and on top of everything else my youngest has presented me with a horrendous pile of dirty washing! Growl. I've got a heap of stuff to get done today and I was hoping to get over to see Amy before the 21st century was over..(Sorry Amy) I've still got a fence to repair today and the Terrorist at least has been drenched. River my eldest cow (all of rising 3 years old) has started to spring in the udder which means her calf is due in about three to six weeks. This will be her first so I'll be having to keep a closer eye on her. So here is a page from my silly farm diary complete with the turkey with boogly eyes and a hedgehog going somewhere...Maggie had sent the turkey off packing..she stomps her feet and crows like a rooster it's hilarious! That's chickens for you. We all get bad days sometimes in threes or more. I'll put this down to one of those things that happen. Maybe I'll go and get that X-plow and use it in my youngest daughter's room?

Anyone else had bad days lately where they could just go somewhere and scream? Let me know I'd love to hear your stories of bad days and maybe good ones too.LOL! Anyway I'm sort of smiling and I guess I'll smile more once I've got a couple of more things done.


  1. "Some days are diamond, some days are stone,
    Some times the hard times won't leave me alone,
    Some times the cold wind blows a chill in my bones,
    Some days are diamond, some days are stone."
    -- John Denver, 1981

    Me, I just write off the stone days, and keep an eye on the glitter of diamond in the muddy field of life.

    I like the silly farm diary. Wish I had your creativity, my friend.

  2. Eloquently put Timespanner!
    You know us..always crazy farm days here! I love the idea of your silly farm journal! how creative and a fun way to blow off steam and laugh at the day! Your youngest has my sons disease....not being able to bring mom the laundry when she asks for it, until you have nothing to wear illness! LOL It is hard keeping a farm tho...so thankfully you have learned to laugh..just remember some days your the windsheild some days your the bug!
    Cant wait to see Rivers calf!!!! Keeping this one too? Soon you'll have a heard of 30 before you know it! ha ha
    Love ya!

  3. yes I like the silly farm diary too, it's fun reading about what you get up to, you're brave girl running a farm on your own, I wouldn't attempt it...

  4. Hi Guys

    Ice I love that line from John Denver very cool. Yeah you're right. I did get some stuff done in the end which was cool. Glad you liked the silly farm diary. Childish maybe but heck fun to do

    Hi Rae,LOL!I have a mountain of washing to do. At least now we're getting regualr rain so I can get it done. That Diary is crazy but fun. I'll do another page today.

    Hi Amy - oh it's fun to do and it does take the stress levels off. No if you were left with a farm I bet you'd give it a go and suceed at it as well.