AgResearch and Lincoln University merger applauded

“Federated Farmers applauds both Lincoln University and AgResearch. This is very positive for New Zealand agriculture and the kind of innovative approach that will help grow the New Zealand economy,” says Don Nicolson, Federated Farmers President.

“At the recent Prime Minister’s Job Summit, Federated Farmers listed Research and Development as one of our four key suggestions to grow jobs. It stands to reason since 64 percent of everything we export is food.

“The proposed merger plays to New Zealand’s natural competitive advantage. It backs agriculture by recognising the future of New Zealand is agriculture.

“Federated Farmers believes the proposed merger will result in research being focused on productivity while eliminating research duplication. This means faster and smarter outcomes for New Zealand’s farmers.

“If the merger succeeds, it will create a research leviathan. One of the biggest in the world and based right here in New Zealand.

“That will give New Zealand the means to retain our best brains by offering talented people an integrated career route. With a probable global standing the best agricultural scientists in the world will choose New Zealand.

“What this also represents is an innovative future model for our other universities and crown research institutes to follow,” Mr Nicolson concluded.

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