Art Stuff - Dog on the back of a Toyota Ute

Just before Christmas last year I spotted a Toyota Farm Ute parked outside the local grocery store. Sat on the back waiting patiently for their boss to come back were two beautiful Labrador dogs. I had the camera with me so I grabbed a couple of shots and this is the result. I love dogs and I used to have them until I moved to the farm then started working in Real Estate. Having not enough time a dog was out of the question. They need company or they get lonely being left all day waiting for their owner to come home and give them some attention. It's a typical rural type scene - dogs on the back of the ute or the quad going out with the farmer to do the stock work. And of course Labradors are fantastic gun dogs as well as family pets. My former husband and I used to ahve a gundog called Winchester (named of course after the make of our shotguns). He was a great dog but sadly, an accident resulted in him having to be put down. I'd love another Labrador. Now I'm home that option may be considered a little later on. In the meantime I'll just keep on drawing them from time to time.


  1. Hi Liz,
    Lovely drawing of the Lab. Like the Obamas, I hope that you get your dog sooner than later. I really enjoyed the photos of your lovely daughters.
    Best wishes,

  2. That's neat Liz, are you still getting your ex's dog?

  3. Beautiful drawing, Liz. I can see from the drawing that you love dogs. My dear old pointer Oscar had to be put down last May - what an awful day that was. Now I have a bitch Border terrier - never had a bitch before, nor a terrier - she is so completely different that there is no point of comparison - but i love her, she is such a character. If you have dogs you have to accept that their life span is only short and you have to bbe prepared to lose them. But while they are with you they definitely enhance your life.
    Glad you managed a visit to my blog and got through!

  4. How long did it take you to draw? I'm always envious. Do you frame your drawings and put them in your house? Do you sell them?
    Thanks for sharing Liz.

  5. Hi guys

    Sorry I haven't answered your comments sooner!

    Patricia - I'm pleased you like it. I love your goat you did she is gorgeous I love ceramics. I'll have to put up a link to your last post so everyone can admire it. I love it!

    Amy - As you know with Dave it may or may not happen. It's one of those if it happens fine if it doesn't fine. A Chihuahua as a farm dog? Hmmm interesting concept.LOL!

    Weaver I am like you more a dog person than a cat person yet I have four of them. I love pointers beautiful dogs. Your little Terrier though is a sweetheart. Dogs a real friends - cats are less loyal I think.

    Sonia - Hi Sonia. That drawing took about 15 hours total to do. I do sell them from time to time. That one was more a practice drawing. Framing happens once in a while it's so expensive now to do. Usually if people want my drawings I just sell them unframed and not for much either. That one is only an A4 which is easier to manage and thanks for your great comments. I love your writing!

    Take care


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