Stinky Possums, Dams, Horses and strange photos

It's been a long day. For once things here weren't so crazy. Usual routine. Cats doing the sneaky stuff, six chickens at the door with Maggie tapping on the ranch slider demanding their breakfast. Take the Terrorist down the hill and tie her up for the day to graze. Trudge up the hill and clear out two stinky pesky possums out of the traps. I hate possums they are such a pest. Way too many this year far more than normal and doing some serious damage to our trees and gardens. Two less wrecking everything and two more holes dug. The flaxes I put on top of them will be well fed for the next few months....
I spent the rest of the day sorting out our top dam. Working long hours previously meant important things around the farm like keeping the dams cleared out of weeds got left. Not a good scene. It's getting there. A bit each day will see things all back to how they should be and me not having to worry about serious flooding like last winter's little display. Not fun. With that all done as much as I could do without over doing things the kids and I had an early dinner then went up to sort out the horses. Sasha needs more condition so we decided to take her up to the top of the farm to better grazing. The old man of course is not happy the love of his life has been taken away
Naturally of course Sasha ended up with an audience from the notorious gang of four.......
And River decided she had to come over and see her hooman Mum just to make sure she hadn't been forgotten.
With cows and horses all done we headed on down the hill and on the way I decided to take a photo of something other than the kids and the animals. Like a drain pipe?
Or how about a noxious weed for good photography? No?
Oh well I'll leave you with this one of River just on sunset..........


  1. As always I love your pictures and blog. I guess there are weeds everywhere. We have lots of Thistle weeds and I don't like them a bit. But, if left alone they do make a pretty flower ..
    Don't work to hard
    It is very cold here again today. I really love hearing about summer over where you are living.

    Hugs to all~~~~

  2. The drain pipe wouldnt have ended up being a pretty cool pic if it wasnt blurry! Thats a neat perspective!!!!!! And hey, even weeds can be beautiful...same with people too! I should know, I'm a weed! LOL
    Love Love Love the horse pics, you should show more of them! What type of feed does Shasha get? I had a lot of trouble with Kings weight and over all health until I got him on good senior feed, twice a day rather than once, and beet pulp, nice and warm after soaking in hot water for a few hours to over night...he LOVES it and good for his gut! He is also getting veg oil and eggs and of course the occational treats of shredded carrots and raisins and such. HE has really improved. his coat is finally getting some shine ad his skin is getting healthier too....FINALLY!
    Those clouds---awesome too!!! You should join the Sunday Stills challenge I'm in...its been fun! And makes me take more focused shots with a purpose! LOL
    Love to you and the girls!

  3. Great pictures! Are you getting any relaxation time in?? I guess on the farm, the chores are never done.


  4. Lovely photos, I love that sunset one and the one of the cow. I wonder what the animals really think of us hoomans? With your house work I think that's all you can do, work on bits at a time, if you need any help give me a yell :-)

  5. Hi Guys

    Leslie - Loved your last 2 posts really fun. No that weed is going to get the herbicide on it very shortly. I love summer and the heat but sometimes it can get unbearable

    Hugs to you too

    Kyfarmlife - Hi Rae!!!! Just been over to your blog and looked at your great photos awesome. I'm feeding Sasha basically the same as you are feeding King. I have a better photo of the drain. I didn't realise I had posted that one until I looked at the blog later.LOL!! Yeah I'm a weed too. Noxious and pesky.LOL I'll post some more horsey pics once the batteries in my camera are all charged up.

    Love to you Liz

    Jennifer - Hi Jennifer saw your great photos too. Loved the cows noses wet and slimy....shiver. I'm planning the chores out which is working really well. So I do get time to chill out. Stay warm!!!


    Amy - Hi Amy. that one of River and the sunset was cool. We're getting there as far as things go. I've planned the chores out for each day and it's working. I allow for interruptions of course and time for chilling out. We're getting there and things are heaps better here. Great news about you and Tia. Good luck there!!

    Take care Liz

  6. Such a busy day you had!!!! I like the photo of the drain pipe! lol very interesting. Have a great day tomorrow!

  7. WHat a beautiful lovely country side!

  8. I loved your pictures! It's so great to see what others see all the time, yet are new and novel to you!

  9. Hi Guys thanks for dropping in and sying hi!!!

    Jen Mo - Hi Jen. Well yes the drain pipe was..crazy and maybe kinda wierd but then again the name of the farm is enough said.LOL You ahve a great day too.

    Hugs Liz

    Alina Chau - Hi Alina thanks for dropping in and sying Hi. We love it here and the countryside too. Glad you liked it so much. Drop in again we'll be looking forward to it.

    Take care

  10. Hi Red Clover!!! Blogger isn't showing all the comments growl. Lovely to hear from you. I'll be over to say HI!!!! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

    Take good care

    PS Glad you liked the photos.