Anyone a Crypto-Zoologist?

I have a Yowie and a Sasquatch now in residence. Innocent as they may be I just know that somehow the Yeti living at my sister's house has somehow influenced these Yeti types in training. One word says it all TROUBLE. Theories on these small Yeti-types in training would be welcomed. I hope they aren't already small minions of Basement Cat ready to get my toes with their tiny but deadly claws...........I'll admit this..they are CUTE.


  1. Hi madbush. Those two spell serious trouble - don't leave any balls of wool about, or any clothes you really care about - they don't have claws they have needles! But they are gorgous. Read the previous post - as a fervent cat/dog lover I am incensed at this sort of behaviour - they put their trust in us and that is how some people repay them. Hope they all find homes with daft people who over-indulge them - then they should find a balance in their opinion about humans. Nice to be in contact again.

  2. Liz, they are beautiful and endearing. I just want to pick them up and love them and they are lucky to be with you.

    have a beautiful happy day.


  3. I am magic. I wrote your comment tomorrow. Giggles !

  4. Guess they were just too cute to be left huh???!! LOL I'm wishing I could get another kitten.....they are like potato chips, one you have one, you cant stop! LOL I bet when I read your next post it has something to with this post.....

  5. awww awww awww awww how cute! more to add to your menagerie...i'm envious :-)

  6. Hi guys!!!

    Weaver - so far my toes have been the victim of this over indulgence in cute kitties. Needles maybe but as you and I know needles hurt. Yes on the abandoned animals it make me very very angry. Hopefully the lovely cats and kittens will have homes very soon. Great I'm able to visit everyone again.

    Hi Leslie - exactly which is why we brought them home. Now we have four cats groan...but they are lovely and being loved. Speying and neutering in a few months time before they can make kittens!!!
    PS love your next comment LOL!!!!

    Hi Rae - softy me gave in mutter. Hmmm maybe yes and maybe....yes?LOL!!! Be over soon tried to leave a comment earlier but blogger no play ball there. Try again shortly

    Hi Amy..oh gee we were gasbagging not so long ago on the phone. I just got bitten again....

    Hi Jennifer - You can haz lots of kitties??? LOL I can haz four kittehs but No can haz anymore kittehs

  7. Liz - gotta love the kittens - I love to read your blog because you recognize the insanities and love it anyway - I miss our barn cats and the critters sometimes - but then I come and read the country blogs (your and Rachels)and get my country life fix - much easier than going out to the barn and picking stalls -

  8. Hi Kathleen!!!Exactly which is why we call it the Mad Bush Farm LOL! Crazy as crazy here and I do love it or why else would we have ended up with yet more animals - groan. I'm so pleased you can come over and enjoy the read. I love your blog because of what you do with your art.

    Take good care

  9. Way too cute! Hope they find homes soon with adoring staff that treat them like royalty! Just love your mad life and ramblings on about it! Hope you get decent rain and a cooler change soon. We had one come through Thurs arvo and I've had my winter pj's on for 2 nights.