Life, the universe and cooked Mad Bush Farmer

OK, so I've included an image that looks like a ditch or maybe it's a trap I've had set up to nab possums or burglars perhaps? Actually, it's my dried out stream — looking rather more like a ditch than anything else. Forty days plus so far of absolutely no rain. It's hot, dry and bloody awful. One more (really bad) drought to get through - we'll keep going.

Aside from being cooked every day and gaining a few more wrinkles for my woes depressing anyone reading this load of drivel about a lousy drought isn't why I blog. Looking back during 16 years on the farm, raising my kids to adulthood and now one has left for university in Wellington. I can say - it's all been so worth it.

I said goodbye to Inaya on January 31. She headed for Wellington down the opposite end of the North Island to start a new life as a university student doing a BSc in Ecology and Biodiversity as one major and Geography as the other. I am absolutely stoked for her beyond any written words could ever truly express. It was a brave step to take and now it's finally happening. Proud of my girl!

I couldn't finish my post without mentioning my ponies. Little toads are so naughty. Broken fences everywhere! So finally I've managed to afford to get some sheep netting and steel posts to get in and keep them properly contained. It's going to interesting to see if they can get through any of it.


  1. You know they will always try to get out cos they are naturally naughty. But anyway seriously proud of your minion, she's done well. Fingers crossed we get some rain soon.


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