Did you miss me? I missed you all

Ever since I stopped posting almost three years ago people even now are still asking me - what happened to Mad Bush Farm? The truth is - it never left I just ran out things to say. I spend 2017 trying to pull myself back together after a really difficult year. I almost deleted this blog but realised just how many precious memories it held and just how many people had gained a lot of happiness from reading it. So I'm back - unfortunately for you lot.

So where do I start? Well in January 2018 I started a new full-time job working for a local media company as a proof reader. Before long I started writing as well and next I know I'm also doing some photography. I'm now almost two years down the track and loving every moment of it. I needed it - my name was firmly on that job advert. The kids are grown-up one almost 22 now and youngest almost 21 years old. 2019 has been a year of massive changes. My dear mum passed away in early January and sadly a few weeks ago I made the decision to send dear old Ed over the rainbow bridge. 37 years old was a great age for the old fella so our vets came and put him to sleep it was kind and gentle. He's buried near my house. I've got loads of stuff to tell you all about and lots of funny stories as well. The Mad Bush farmer was getting annoyed at me for being so distant. I've given in. I've got stuff now to write about again stuff to make us all chuckle and smile now and then. I'll be around again. Will post again soon.


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