A season of change has come to the Mad Bush Farm

I've had to make some very difficult decisions over the last few weeks. One of them involved rehoming some of the animals here on the farm. Three summers of drought, followed by a very difficult winter led me down the path to considering just where I wanted to go with things here on the farm. It came down to what I could afford to keep and what I couldn't afford to keep. Animals are expensive and sometimes budgets can't stretch enough to pay for the proper care they need. Ours was at the point where it just wasn't logical anymore to have animals we couldn't really afford to keep. So I made some decisions. After looking at the impact the cattle have made on the land, as well as the problems I've had keeping them contained I decided it was time to send them on. Fortunately they have found a lovely new home where they will be loved and taken care of. Going into the freezer wasn't an option. The old man has also found a new home along the road where he is enjoying being spoilt by a family who just adore him and will take good care of him in his twilight years. He has got very old and very slow. Still bright eyed but the day will come when he will have a final sleep. I'm keeping two of the little horses because my small budget will allow that small pleasure. The other two will be going to another lovely family who have the time to give them attention they deserve. I'll get some calves later this year and raise them until they are weaned then send them on. The farm has to pay for itself even if it's in just a small way. I'll consider keeping one beef animal for our freezer. It will not have name otherwise I'll get attached. It has been a very sad few days for me. I almost caved into keeping the Terrorist but common sense has prevailed. She is leaving tonight. I'll cry.


  1. tried 3x posting won't let me! =(
    sending hugs and prayers of restoration of finances and healing
    we 2 are feeling the pinch big time at the moment and keep saying this too shall pass
    in the meantime do lots of art that always helps =)

  2. that's so cool about mr ed. glad he found a good home and I hear ya about stretching budgets. sigh. sending big hugs

  3. Aw. I'm sorry about the Terrorist. The critters can break our hearts. All my best wishes to you.

  4. Sorry to hear that Liz. Glad to hear you found good homes. It's certainly not easy making ends meet sometimes that's for sure. Take care and keep smiling.

  5. Sorry to hear the news, but glad you found them loving homes. I know it wasn't an easy decision and I have been there before. Large or smaller you will always be the Mad Bush Farmer. Take care and hugs for you all. Jennifer

  6. Aww thanks guys for your kind words. I've got over the girls going I will miss their antics and the laughs. It was the right decision to make. We have four little horses left here. Two hopefully will be rehomed very shortly. Take care and thanks Jennifer the Mad Bush Farmer shall always remain.LOL Love to hugs to you all..Liz xxxx


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