There was no gingerbread house in this saga! #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

Once upon a time there was a stubborn little grey horse going by the name of Spirit. When all his friends the other little horses happily came out from the 6 acre paddock - Spirit refused to follow. For six long months we had tried to get him out of there. No amount of food, threats, promises of lots of attention could sway him to leave that haven he now had all to himself. Every evil plan concocted up by the Mad Bush Farmer failed in misery. I almost gave up; until two days ago when I had just one more evil plan up my sleeve. So down I went and cut the fence open at the bottom of the driveway and left it open. You would have thought the little horse would have come out. Noooo.........he stayed stubbornly under a tree refusing to budge. This time giving up wasn't an option. I needed him out of there and that was that. With a pile of bread and carrots a tempting trail was made out of that darned paddock.  It only took four hours but finally out he came and I shut the fence back up behind him.


  1. Glad you finally won the battle! I used to have a Brown Swiss that when she decided, "nope going there/not doing that", there wasn't much to change her mind either! Embarrassingly she showed that side in the show ring at the county fair after training her to lead all summer. Ah...I miss the farm life :-) Keep up the stories from the farm!


    1. Heck it took long enough Jennifer. LOL More stories from our crazy farm will be on their way. Happy 2015!


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