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I've been having maybe a bit of a midlife crisis of late. I came to the realisation the other day my kids are growing up and rapidly.  At the end of next year Inaya is leaving school and heading off for university study a couple of hundred kilometres away down in Palmerston North. I can't say that won't miss her, because I will. While all the 'heck my kids are leaving home in a couple of years' thoughts were going around and around in my head I decided to paint something. Here's the result so far; and definitely no masterpiece. More an 'I need some creative therapy' kind of thing. Being a single parent living out in an isolated rural area can sometimes feel very lonely. I'm fortunate that I can be satisfied with my own company during the day, there's never a shortage of things to do around the farm. Me time is therapeutic and something I should do more often. I'm in the process of trying to get back into fulltime work. My resume has been done and I'm really making a huge effort with the applications. I'm doing this for me - my self esteem of late hasn't been particuarly good. Just doing the resume has made me feel a lot more positive about myself. That nagging little voice of doubt for now has been silenced. In between this rather pathetic midlife crisis thing, I had a lawyer travel up from Auckland to shoot possums in our bush and in our neighbour's pine block. All up eight less of the hairy pests are now resident on our farms. We've had really strange weather including a massive thunderstorm that hung around for a few hours the other week. I got a rather poor quality video of it at dawn. I think the birds were trying to drown out all the noise!


  1. yes that thunderstorm was cool! I didnt get any photos though. and love the painting too!

  2. re your midlife crisis - I was there at the end of last year. Thankfully my eldest son is still living at home and Iam so proud of him he has really made something of his life this year. At the end of last year he couldnt be stuffed home schooling any longer. This year he has completed a course and is looking at attending the local uni here next year to get his diploma in computing. He has special learning needs yet this hasnt stopped him. He has also got into scouting in a big way. He leads a group of scouts, co leads another group and is in Rovers. I am praying re your daughter - its hard when youre children leave you.

    I like youre painting and especially like your photo you made into your blog banner I LOVE red

    also praying re the job search I have gotten into a job just recently and while at first it was hard going I am beginning to enjoy it and get on better with the supervisors :) they expected a LOT in the beginning which wasnt easy however I think I am beginning to measure up in their eyes now :)


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