Of cunning fence wreckers and runaway moos #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

There some things at times that provide for some rather different entertainment in an odd kind of way. Of course, nothing on my farm is normal anyway. There's always something going on involving wrecked fences, escapes and general mayhem. I intended to leave Tempest behind in the paddock - plans thwarted by a backside leaning on the boundary fence, with full weight put in for good measure. He's due for a drench again in few days time. Even so as soon as I opened up the gate for him, he quit the promise of "let me out or the fence gets it" And then there is the other matter.....

Since we've had so much rain and lots of flooding, part of the fence yet again was washed out. Terrorist has found a new escape route off the farm and back to next door. This time though it was onto the race which has closed gates fortunately at each end. She led River out with her grrrrr. Didn't take long to get them back. Now they're locked up in the top paddock where there are no escape routes and a very hot electric fence ticking a way to keep them in. I finally found the short in the fence - it only took six long frustrating weeks to find it. Once I did find it, I fixed it very quickly. For a change the fences are all electrified until something else causes it problems. We've a couple of warm days but yet again the weather is packing up once more. I am over it all completely. Never mind that's life for you! Hope you like the video - enjoy!


  1. The video of your pony is hilarious. He IS a little toad! The grandkids' pony on our place is just like that--a giant pain in the neck, but we love him. I hope your fence stays hot for a good, long while, now :)
    (I read your posts a lot, but if I am on my phone, Blogger won't let me comment. Just letting you know I'm still lurking around out here, even if I can't always let you know it :D )

    1. Hi Danni yes a little toad. Ponies are so funny and naughty with it. I loved your blog post about the special day you and the kids all had. So far my fence is working beautifully fingers crossed it stays working.LOL


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