We got sunshine on (what was meant to be) a cloudy day #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

Inaya found my missing camera - yes where I left it (der) in a 'safe place' typical isn't it. Happy me I had my camera back and for a change a beautiful warm spring day. Terrorist thought so too. She was enjoying the warmth and the sunshine. And tomorrow it's back to rain............again.

I had the usual chaos during the week. The electric fence has been shorting for weeks and no matter how hard I tried to find it - I just couldn't locate the fault anywhere. After a long day up in Whangarei I came home on Tuesday evening to find the cows and the horses all out of the paddocks and generally having a great time playing wreck everything in sight. What's new there. Wednesday was out as well because I was in Whangarei for another entire day. Yesterday I decided that was it time to check that darned fence section by section. I still couldn't locate it! The compensation for my frustration was a beautiful dinner put on by the St John Youth Cadets in Maungaturoto. It was great catching up with friends from around the area and having a good chat. Finally this morning after a lot of elimination and a couple of hours I found the cause of the short in the fence. Now fixed and two green lights are happily appearing once more on Mr Gallagher. Let that lot just try escaping, now the 3000 volts are back in the wire. And below is the trouble making Terrorist just waiting to make her next escape. Hope everyone has had a wonderful Friday, I know I have!


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