Continuing of the theme of being creative.......and to heck with the rain!

While the rain continues to fall there isn't a lot I can do out on the farm. We've had a couple of days reprieve for now. Tomorrow it's back again to add to our woes. I am totally over it all. This winter has been the wettest on record since 1946. That's saying something. Grass isn't growing everything is mud. It's not making me feel any happier about the situation with the farm right now. All I can do is carry on and look forward to the coming warmer weather. No doubt we'll see yet another drought for the third year in a row. Well above is my rather um amateurish continuation of the the Wood Pigeon I'm painting. The kids reckon it's great, um yeah okay. It has a very long long way to go before it resembles what it's supposed to be. Onwards and upwards I say. I'll figure out what to do about booting the rain gods and their lousy persistant bad weather up the rear with my very muddy gumboots. Right that's me for another griping whining post. Next one better be much happier.


  1. And I think your kids are right ... it's a great painting!


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