Just a quick update on life, mud and otherwise #farmvoices

 Yesterday Inaya turned 17, we spent the night watching of all things Monster's University on the laptop and chuckling our heads off. Worth a watch just for a smil It's been a long hard very wet winter for us here. The feed is hitting the wall and the grass is slow in coming on. I've had a rather bad dose of the winter blues I think. We had a fine few days here and I made the most of them while it lasted. Rain is back and so are all the problems with it. I've had slips happening close to the house which have been a serious worry. Of late my mum hasn't been at all well, She's getting on in years and her health isn't at good as it used to be. Difficult decisions are having to be made. I won't pretend that the last few months haven't been a struggle for us all here on the farm.  Everywhere I walk it's a quagmire, strangely enough a couple of days ago I heard a cicada chirping. Spring is slowly returning and hopefully with the departure of winter it will end my own long run of having chronic writer's block. I need to smile more and get back to my old happy self. I miss me. So if anyone sees the Mad Bush Farmer roaming around out there let her know I need her back here for some more off the wall humour. Hope everyone is well and happy. I'll rejoin you all soon.


  1. I've been wondering how your mum is...sorry to hear she's getting on in years. As for winter yes it's been a long damp, wet one. i'm a little bit over it, hopefully things at the mad bush farm are going to dry out shortly...

  2. May your spirits and burdens be lifted soon as the skies grow brighter and days get lighter may the winter blues be chased away and may the creative dragon tap you on the shoulder with it's tail and may you grab hold and enjoy the ride =)


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