In the insanity that is my life right now, I had to be proud of myself that at last I had the winter grazing sorted out. How efficient the Mad Bush Farmer was, industriously ensuring all fences were checked. Oh so proud was she. Grazing rotations of the four largest of the beasties all managed properly so the grass kept growing (slow as it was because of winter cold). Yes indeed all so efficiently done.

Tuesday last week came. There they were so nicely contained grazing on the new grass I had found for the gang of four. Off I went with Mum out for the day. We enjoyed coffee at the cafe, did a bit of shopping and got all things done us girls needed to get done. Smiles on our faces and proud of our wares the hour long trip home came into despair. I look, I look again and there looking so smug and satisfied - the gang of four were munching their way through the new growth in a paddock that was 'supposed' to be fenced off. Fence Rammer Ranger, it seemed, had decided the grass was way better on the other side of the break feed. So ram the fence he did, then encouraged the rest of the gang of four to do the corporate raid! Grrrr.

 After getting out of the going out clothes, the Mad Bush Farmer cursing the fence rammer's name trudged up the hill and fixed that darned fence - again! Fence repaired, with gang of four trolled up into the next paddock then securely locked away. Never mind right now I am being out-smarted by two shrunken grey mini horses who are in no way leaving the paddock they are running wild in. Eventually they shall be caught - little toads.


  1. oh they are naughty indeed and very clever too

  2. Oh no! Not what you want especially after a nice day out :-(


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