Calving time #FarmVoices

Calving time again in my part of the world. Last week I watched as one of Terry's cows calved alongside our top gate in the sunshine early one morning. My two wayward jersey's took an interest of course in the proceedings. The small wet bundle was up on its feet and standing within an hour after its birth. I'be seen cows calve many times but never ceases to hold my own sense of wonder about the amazing process of birth and a new life coming into the world. The slow turn towards spring is happening, eventually the soil will warm again and the grass will grow. After several weeks of endless rain, bad storms and flooding the weather is a little more predictable We're due for more rain in the weekend I can live with that. o all our hard working farmers out there keep up the good work you are legends.


  1. aww I love new babies being born!

    1. So do I I never get tired of seeing calves being born or lambs for that matter. It's a miracle really. Cant' dispute that one.


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