Bovine Blackmailers and half a kennel

The cows know I have a bag of feed just inside the door right now. It's not theirs to have of course; it belongs to the old man. Sometimes, though, I do give them some of it, even though right now they don't really need feeding much more than some hay.  Trouble is they've cottoned on that I feed the old man twice a day. They have it all figured out, along with how to muck up my recently cleaned windows (forget that now!)

 It's been a month or more since I did my last blog post. I've had nothing much to say I guess. I have a lot to tell now. More to think on before I write about it. But just for laughter's sake, a smile and a chuckle, the dog ended up with half a kennel after Cyclone Lusi came through and blew everything to kingdom come.

No need to tell the rest of the story it's all there in my visual diary. Simon at times is a bit dense. Maybe he was enjoying the rain. And sorry about the big water mark. Some people who don't seem to respect that thing called copyright have been taking my photos and my artwork and sticking them on so called "Free Wallpaper" websites and claiming they have my permission. Like heck they do. Sadly that's what happens when you blog and put your creative work on the internet. More to tell in the next post about the trip Mum and I did a few weeks back to Glinks Gully and Waipoua Kauri Forest to see a gigantic and very iconic tree. This is just my way of saying hey I'm still here and sorry about the wait.


  1. Hi Liz, sorry to hear you had some damage from the storm. Poor doggy!! Had to laugh at your tale of him sitting in the rain though :-)

    1. Hi Bridget. Yes it was a bit of a disaster here. A few trees have fallen down again in the bush. I guess some firewood for folks would be useful! Hope you and G and Dillon are okay with the drought going on. It's very very worrying. Love to you all


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