Our quiet good Samaritan dairy farmer neighbour.

I've been wondering why, of late, my four little horses have been watching my dairy farmer neighbour's back race. For the last few days, the dairy herd has been grazing near the back of our farm. We've got half the farm shut off at the moment to let the grass recover, and the rest in the process of being refenced. Right now grass growth is a bit slow, so the cows and the old man are getting the priority. Little horses do not need fresh green grass to add to their weight problems. Miniatures get fat very quickly, and easily just on the smell of new grass!

 I saw one of the boys on the quad a couple of days back pull up next to our back fence, and get something out of the back of the quad. Over it went, much to the little horse's delight. What was it I wondered?  After a closer look, it turned out it was some hay from the other paddock. He had picked it up, and out of a bit of kindness, had given it to the little horses. Not that they really needed it! We've been juggling paddocks to try to get the pasture to recover.

After a four month long drought last summer, and then a wet cold winter, the grass got its end badly knocked in. Yesterday, again, I found the little horses up in the back corner munching out on more hay! I just have to smile, and quietly say thank you to my good Samaritan dairy farmer neighbour for his caring. We've had a lot of changes going on in the last few weeks family wise. That small act of kindness by one of the boys next door, made me smile. He did it, because he cared. This is what I love about living in a rural community. There's always someone out there to lend a hand, even if they haven't been asked for help. People just do kind things anyway. From the bottom of my heart to my kind neighbour I can only say thank you!


  1. what a very kind neighbour - people like that make the world a better place.

  2. Very kind Amy. It will not be forgotten. I'll find a way to quietly repay his kindness back.


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