A slice of heaven

 Slowly it's winding down towards Christmas. It's been a long couple of weeks. The kids finally finished school on Tuesday just gone. 6 am the other morning Ranger was outside trolling the dog, after he had pulled all the paper out of the recycle bin!. What a mess he made. Then he had decided to go and give the dog grief. Poor Simon ended up trapped inside his kennel while Ranger tried the stand over tactics. Silly small horse he is. Window cleaning time is well over due.!

I had a few visitors arrive at my door over the last few days. Just as well the door wasn't fully open, otherwise Shadia would have invited herself in, if she could have. I've been enjoying just watching her transform from a frightened young horse with bad memories of her contact with human beings, into a beautiful natured young 4 year old mare with a lot more to give than a bite or a kick these days. She has a lot of love to give for the years yet to come. I'll say it again. Mini horses aren't toys. They're living breathing beings that need the same care and kindness all animals deserve. Please don't breed these little horses, unless you know they can be found a good and knowledgable home. Too many are so badly bred they have serious faults caused by a lack of caring about conformation or genetic deformities. If you have a mare or a stallion with a history of stifle lock then don't breed from them period. I have three here that are the result of poor breeding choices and a lack of proper knowledge. Be vigilant and don't buy young horses with faults.

And as for this..........this was River trying to lick me and the camera! She showed up and stuck her head in while I was reading the newspaper. Slimings by cow tongue aren't exactly a fun experience.

Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth with that look! I've got a slice of heaven here at the farm, and I just love it.


  1. So happy to read that joy reigns on your farm. Happy holidays!!

    1. hi Patricia

      Seasons greetings to you and your lovely family. Yes joy and happiness reigns here on the farm this Christmas. I like to have it 365 days of the year.

      All my love and Happy Christmas

  2. I envy your little slice of heaven and all your delightful animals!

    Oh, and a Happy Christmas to you too :)

    1. I had to wait until I was 40 before I got this farm. That and a divorce. We're happy and broke as well.LOL Happy Christmas to you too Wendy.


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