The kind of stuff I've seen on my rural travels

Grumpy chicken caught in the act of grumping with a then much younger Inaya

Old Bullock Wagon hidden down a side road

Special hidden places with giant Kauri Trees

Scarecrows that look like kids made to stand in the corner

An old bank in a rural town

Pet Day Lambs

Little kids and little lambs wondering who will get the ribbons
Dexters Cow with her bull calf
Happy youngest daughter smiling with a beautiful calf

Clever Vegetable People

New calves born in the new dairying season

Old restored and still working woolshed

And old tractors

I love living out here
Maybe I wanted to be a cowboy....?


  1. Cool photos! gosh your girls have grown, time flies, Inaya looks so little...

  2. Yes they have grown. Time indeed does fly.


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