An Artful Dog of a Challenge

DSCN3859 I rarely do dogs when it comes to my art. I'm more a cat person, but even so I do love dogs. I was commissioned to do the portrait of a lovely American Bull dog. She was so lovely to do. I had some issues to deal with where this breed goes. It meant doing a bit more study of bulldogs in general and hopefully getting it right. Despite my fretting my kids told me to stop fretting that it was absolutely fine and to get it sent to the client. Well I had a very happy client and it left me happy too. Hope you like the portrait


  1. Amazing Liz, and stop fretting too!

    Happy holidays to you and yours!


  2. Hey Jennifer

    Okay I will listen and quit my fretting. I have a very happy client so I definitely can quit worrying. She turned out just fine and such a lovely dog too.

    Happy holidays to you too!!!! And Merry Christmas hope you guys have an awesome one!

    Lots of love to you guys


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