Meanwhile back at the farm...

Young Ranger's education is continuing I've had Inaya across his back and he's been just fine. Hopefully by the spring the little guy should be okay to ride. Next year he will be trained for harness, but for now the kids are having a bit of fun just handling him. He's a cute little guy even if he is now chasing The Terrorist and River around the paddock now and then. 

 In the meantime the Palm Tree possum continues to evade all attempts to trap it. So its nightly raids continue. One way or the other I'll get that Palm Tree possum yet. The tomatoes are now finished so there isn't much out there in the garden for it to raid any more. Darned possum and it's raids.GRRRRR!

Maybe a tatty farm cat like this one can go and have a good session with the Palm Tree Possum and give him a good sharp clawed reminder that the garden is banned to possums...then again maybe not. Not when...

 The bird there won't approve...or is just me doing mad things again....? Life just has to be a little crazy to make it fun.

Tales from the Mad Bush Farm


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