Possum vs Possum vs Cat vs Put a sock in it!

This could set the scene for a really lousy movie. One of those comical kinds where you have the bad guy tying the hero's girlfriend to the railway tracks. I'm kidding of course. Possums can't tie anyone to railway tracks least of all their enemy the farm cat. Which leads me to what happened the other night.

It went something like this. 2 a.m. in the morning two possums decide they are going recreate the last WWF championship match outside my window. Shrieking possums do nothing for the tranquility of one's soul, or for the Zen of my rather cheap morning coffee. But there they were at it, going hammer and tongs, the fur flying in all directions. *sigh* I opened the window and tossed a shoe at them. It bounced off one furry head, the victim of my somewhat annoyed demeanor ack.. ack.. acking at me as it decided the WWF match should be called off. The winner sat, and just looked at the stupid droopy eyed idiot glaring at it through the window. I mean any responsible, decently dressed ( I mean furred) possum would respect a human idiot's need to rest. No of course not. Their species being fully nocturnal (and to heck with the diurnal dwelling world) those darned possums have no consideration. The things they teach young marsupials these days. Humph!

The dog thought the possums would make a dead of the night snack, but missed since his chain only went so far. So he sat there, yapping in frustration. Baited by two grey tormentors his yapping increased until yet another shoe went flying out the window the cause muttering stuff about Rotten Marsupials and their stirring habits. Dog gave up after that. Marsupials had won the round and it should have been over.

No - it wasn't over.

Emerald the cat (aka Striped Attack Unit) encountered one the of marsupial revellers, after the WWF party was over. And a brawl started. Cat vs Possum isn't exactly the kind of entertainment anyone wants in the small hours of the morning. Shrieking possum, combined with yowling hissing cat did very little to enhance the ambience of blissful silence. Claws were out. Swipes were being taken. Emerald got a good one across the snout. In turn she back footed the possum which shrieked all that bit more louder. By now the human occupant had got out of bed.

Muttering dire things the human occupant then headed for the door. Grabbing a gumboot, that too, was tossed at the bickering furry pair. Dog got the gumboot instead. But the impact was loud enough on the gravel to cause an abrupt halt to hostilities, and give the dog a new chewing toy (lucky for me it wasn't one from my good pair). Cat gave possum one more swipe. Spat at it, then stalked off in the direction of a now open doorway.

I gave up sleeping after that. That cat ensured I was a living Zombie by 9 am that same morning. Her claws always like to remind me of my place. Cat owns humans...humans obey the cat. Even the dog knows that.

Keep a shoe handy next time you have a brawl of furry critters outside your bedroom window at 2 a.m. in the morning. Just make sure they're not one of the good pairs.


  1. just what you didnt need at 2am!!

  2. Definitely not! But it made for a funny story that's for sure.LOL


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