A Plea for Help from the Leopard Conservation Project

Image Credit: Reproduced with the kind permission of
Fred Berrange and the Leopard Conservation Project


 After devastating flooding in the Hoedspruit area, not only did the guys have to call off the search for a stunning male Leopard entangled with snare wire but vital equipment has been lost..

If anyone can offer assistance or raise funds it would be greatly appreciated .. photo's here show the guys assisting in local rescues & you can see the damage the floods have done..

The rains at present have eased.. If you can assist in anyway please see www.leopardcon.co.za  for contact details.

Alternatively you can contact us on spotsandstripes2011@live.co.uk & we will forward details to Fred himself..Signals are poor & intermittent at present in the area so please be patient if the guys do not respond quickly.

Many thanks Spots & Stripes.

Text Credits: Spots & Stripes Conservation
                     Fred Berrange & Leopard Conservation Project


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