Thomas the Troll Cat

Yes you read the title  "Thomas the Troll Cat"

Who ever heard of a TROLL! cat? Well I know a troll cat. This cat has to be the most evil cutest cat I have ever had the agonised pleasure to meat I mean meet.

Never mind that he is built like a brick outhouse rather um solidly built, has a set of very evil seething lovely! green eyes, and likes to claw your head whenever you are lulled into a false sense of security by the giant orange terror he is just straight out evil! adorable.

He stands there looking so very cute, sweet and innocently while he is planning your demise purring, and then climbs, claws!!! onto your lap so he can rip your hands to shreds for a cuddle.

Thomas the TROLL! cat is so sweet natured, that the claws will be instantly into your head if you make the wrong move,  he tends to expect attention, from any  unsuspecting newcomer  guest,as soon as he appears because if you don't give it to him your skin ends up in shredded tatters off the bone. What is more, this solid tank like orange green eyed terror evilest wonderful marvel of the feline race, graces his owner's presence with a sense of wanting to act all innocent and then proceed with painful reminders that he is out to cause trouble at every turn, anticipation and his furry orange tail is twitching while he plans which attack tactic to use next restful sophisticated calm.

He lives with four other felines who run off to hide as soon as the troll cat shows up, and his ever loving family who suffer a daily clawing and trolling always are there to give him a love and a cuddle whilst avoiding at all costs ending up being shredded by wrath of giant orange troll cat if they do not comply with his demands.

I love and try at all costs to avoid the swipes of his claws Thomas the Troll Cat, and yes indeed he is all too real and fast, so fast he can shred my hands to little more than mince meat, becoming one of my most favourite TROLL! cats of all time. Meantime I'll just plan my vacation to the Bahamas and never return just in case the TROLL! cat finds out I've been giving away all of his secrets on the internet. If you don't hear from me in the next 24 hours you'll know he got to me, before I had a chance to blab out all the rest of the stuff.

I hope you have run off screaming into the hills and calling out the reinforcements to save you from the Troll Cat cause you might need em! enjoyed my nice wonderful warm and fuzzy story about Thomas the TROLL! cat and his lovely evil claw shredding natured self  personality.

Now I'm going off to see the therapist about those awful nightmares I've been having about giant orange TROLL! cats and their claws sticking into my head again.


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