Ever had a cow follow you to your mailbox?

Okay I have had a cow follow me to the mail box. The Terrorist got out recently and I forgot she was around the outside house that morning. Typical of me to go out stomping in my gumboots, open the gate and walk up to the mailbox. Of course I find the usual bills waiting for me..oh joy.

Here come the dynamic due...heading straight for inside the house

That morning I had extra company. Other than two cats, and four chickens that usually accompany me on that short journey up to our rural mail box, I was joined by the Terrorist. Stupid had left the gate open, and out had come one small jersey cow determined to make certain her hooman knew she was around. Other cows would head straight for the road and see you later. But not the Terrorist. No she decided her 'mummy' needed a hair trim. Next thing I know there she is beside me at the mail box eating my hair! OUCH! It hurt too. Worse were the horns sticking into my read end while I was trying to get the mail out. Then she decided to lick me with her sandpaper tongue.

Emerald trying to trip me up while I'm trying to get to the mail box

With cats trying to trip me up, and Maggie trying to peck at the mail I had in my hand back we went through the gate Terrorist reattached to my clothing ..said gate was closed in a hurry. It was too funny not to cartoon and make fun of what was a very funny event.

Hmmm.....here they come.....

And nearer and nearer....

Cat leads the way to the mail box
And I hope everyone is having a wonderful day I certainly intend too. I'm off to make certain my hair sticks out just that bit more now my electric fence is working properly...

Love to everyone
Liz and the girls at the Mad Bush Farm


  1. How cute! Love the pictorial of your dear animal procession. Hope your day went better than the cow eating your hair though.
    Like your new blog look also.

  2. LOL
    The 'poor wee' cow is just letting you know you're still alive lol ;)

  3. love the procession to the mailbox lol:) i have processions thru the back gate, but they don't have horns, only feathers and fur ;)

  4. no wonder you call it mad bush farm muwahahaha


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