Just when I thought it was safe....I met a minion..again

Above is an incriminating image of Amy's new Basement Cat Minion named Chowder. Amy took this photo of Chowder sinking his teeth and claws into MY ARM! Please excuse the shouting. Chowder is your true dedicated Minion of Basement Cat. He bites the other cats, the dog, the kids, me, my kids and of course Amy. Nothing is safe from Chowder. He is truly evil and of course Sasquatch, in his evilness, would be pleased he has another evil friend to continue the tradition of biting stoopid hoomans and sticking claws into their arms. Amy thanks for letting me post this..somewhat concerning image. I'm still counting the scratches....


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  2. Oh, yes, I remember those 4 legged 'cuddles' from loving felines, clinging with every claw in their body and kicking with delight with their hind legs...

  3. That's so funny that you blogged about my boy, lol he was and still is evil but so cute.