Evil Bench Cat Versus Plastic Mouse Trap

Yes you read right. It happened on Monday morning. Kids off to school.Two cats let in for breakfast time. Dog told to can his barking or no biscuit. Chickens attempting to do an invasion through one of my open windows. Chickens pushed off the window sill and window shut. Invasion plan #222222 (Part 3) foiled by the Mad Bush Farm...(insert obscene name in this space) management.

Little did I know Emerald had decided it wasn't good enough to eat cat biscuits and had jumped up onto my bench looking for anything other than..cat food to swipe and devour - out of the stupooid hooman's bad attitude gleam gaze. Little did now 'Bench Cat' Emerald the mighty realise..Mr Plastic Mousetrap was on the bench on duty for certain small furry rodents that might decide to come inside. Certain small furry rodents have been silent for a few days. So far no more seen (I won't hold my breath on that either). Back to the story here. The only thing there was Mr Mousetrap and the peanut butter bait stuck in the middle. 'Bench Cat' Emerald stalked Mr Mousetrap briefly then decided to investigate that nice tempting peanut butter just asking to be devoured. Yes she stuck her snout in there. Snap went Mr Mousetrap and 'Bench cat' (now yowling cat) Emerald ended up with a plastic mousetrap as a new attachment to her whiskers. After being half scratched and mutilated by her claws I managed to get the trap off her whiskers. Emerald has avoided jumping on my kitchen bench since. I am not in her popular list.

I have more to write but we'll leave at this one for now. More coming once I've replaced the plasters on my hands from being shredded by an angry Evil Bench Cat

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  1. yes the antics at your house sound much like what's been going on here, except there's been a dramatic decrease in the mice population, or maybe they are laying low