A moment at Whakapirau - Photo essay

Slowly but sure the tides of time gnaw away at old foundations.....

Oysters take advantage of the perfect home beneath man's fading past....
And always the wader will spy the unwary crab that leaves its burrow to become the next meal

Waiting for the summer holidays to come the boat tractor and the old batch await their owner's return once more

Spring rains leave behind a reminder of their passing within the timbers of an old row boat

Waiting once more for the family to return the old wooden boats gather the growing grass
And soon the tide will return along with the fishermen with fresh baited hooks and warm coffee to take away the chill of the night....

Early evening the sun low in the horizon leaves the contrast of light upon the incoming tide

One day will pass then another a frozen moment left as a black and white image in memory

Beneath young feet sea creatures await the incoming tide..canine senses smell the salt air..

Like a sentinel from the past the old totara post tells a story of other times long since passed into the vaults of history. Defiant of the elements it firmly remains strong and steadfast in its resolve

And beyond awaits the board expanse of the might Kaipara Harbour. Claimer of many a good ship and their human cargos. A highway for trade a place for myths. I love this place.


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