Thank God for Simon

Living in the country has its share of risks. We have all seen the programs such as The New Detectives or Crime Files. We read and hear tragic stories of children being abducted then found days or months later murdered and raped. These things happen to families and their grief is inconsolable. Sometimes those terrible crimes remain unsolved. We read and watch the news items never thinking it could happen to our own families. Yes it can.

On a Sunday night at 6.30 pm my two girls took our dog Simon for short walk along the road as the weather wasn't all that wonderful so the option was to walk the dog just along from the farm gate. Simon is not a small dog and there is no way I will allow my two girls to walk alone on the road without the dog with them. I know exactly how long it takes to the point where the girls were to turn around and return with Simon back home. A distance of exactly 500 metres. You would think the girls would have been relatively safe in that short distance from home - they weren't. A dark blue vehicle with two men in it kept driving past slowly several times. I saw the vehicle and wondered what they were doing. Meantime the girls themselves were becoming aware that the intentions of these two people may not be at all good. They hurried as quickly as they could back towards home. In the meantime the vehicle passed our farm gate again heading back towards Maungaturoto. Just as the girls reached the boundary fence between our farm and our neighbours the vehicle swerved inwards and a car door was flung open by one of the men in the vehicle. Michelle was grabbed and pulled into the car. Inaya was trying to hold Simon and attempt to stop Michelle from being taken. They threatened Inaya as well as telling Michelle to stop struggling. Inaya told me the expressions on these men's faces were evil predators and she knew exactly what their intentions were towards both her and Michelle. Simon must have known these people meant to cause great harm to Inaya and Michelle. He leapt into the vehicle and attacked the two men. Inaya managed to free Michelle and drag Simon back. Simon injured these two predators and he saved my girls lives. The men fled after that.

As a mother my intuition told me that if these men had taken my two girls - I would have been attending two funerals. It took two days to get some sense out of the girls as to what had really happened. The police are now looking for these people. We hope they get them soon. Our family has been in turmoil all week. I can't concentrate properly and the girls are having nightmares. They are terrified that these two people are still out there. I know they will be caught.

Look after your children. Nowhere is ever safe - not even a quiet country road. Thank God for Simon he saved my children's lives. A dog that was perhaps no good for farm work (loved as he was by his previous owners) has proved beyond a doubt he is indeed a hero - we wouldn't be without him.


  1. Sorry you and your daughters have to go through dealing with such an awful situation. It is so sad there are bad people out their striking fear in peoples lives, and to such young girls. I hope someone finds the bad guys.

    A bugler struck my house in college. My husky saved my life in the same way. Unfortunately the guy was never caught. I have always had a dog for my protection. I hope your daughters can do the same.

    Best wishes,


  2. I would freak if this happened to my children Liz, let's hope those responsible are caught.

  3. It seems Simon is the perfect farm dog. What kind is he? He obviously felt his "herd" was in danger and he truly stepped up to the plate. When most needed. So proud of him! what a scary story, i'm so sorry to hear it.

    I hope the girls are ok.

  4. Oh My!! I am glad your girls and the dog made it safe to home! What a traumatic experience, I hope you and your girls will be okay. I hope those men are caught before they can strike again.

    You obviously have a loyal dog that will do anything to protect his family. Animals can do amazing things. It is too bad that Simon had to show his bravery in a frightening experience like that.

    I wish you and your family the best and will be thinking of you during this troubling time. Gather everyone around and hold each other close.

  5. Dear Liz,
    This is an incredible story, but sadly, one that happens all over the world. Dogs serve many purposes and I am glad that Simon has earned his place.
    Many years ago a friend lost one of her most favored dogs. They lived in suburbia and their house was bounded by a narrow woods and playing field. Soon after the death of the beloved pet someone asked them to adopt a dog. They already had one and as a favor took the new one on but had no feelings for it.
    One morning my friend took the two dogs to the playing field in the early morning for a romp. The dark early morning had a heavy mist. She knew the dogs were running about but could not see them. As time went on she became aware of another person in the field...not a neighbor, and seemingly menacing...Before she could be harmed, the new, unloved dog attacked the man.
    Sometimes we are sent not what we want but what we need.

    I will think positive thought for your daughters.

  6. Liz!

    I am so glad your two girls are safe and sound! Oh, my heart! What a great blessing to have Simon there! And your brave girls for fighting back. I'll send prayers your way that you and the girls will be alright and the men will be caught! Keep that dog close!

    Big Hug!,

    Red Clover

  7. Holy hell, Liz, that's so damn scary.
    Give the girls and Simon a big hug from me, I hope the police find those mongrels soon (I know what I'd like to do to them).

  8. How frightening !!! Yes, Thank God for Simon !! I hope the Police catch these low lifes.

    I am glad your girls are safe now. How are they feeling?

  9. Hi everyone

    Thanks you so much for your caring and thoughts. The girls are okay and holding up as best as they can. So am I. The girls will be talking to the investigators this week. Rural areas quite often don't have the same police resources as the cities do but our local community police here are great people. Simon was given a big peice of steak by me as a thank you for protecting the girls from hard. He is a border collie crossed with a New Zealand Huntaway (Farm breed). And he is a great dog. Super intelligent and at times he likes to have mind all of his own> I am so glad we got him. The people I am sure will get caught in due course and will be charged for the crime they committed. All I can do is keep the girls safe from harm and myself. We have Simon here to see to that. Huge love and hugs to all of you.

    Love to you all Liz

  10. Ohmygosh Liz,

    what a truly horrible thing to happen. I feel the pain and anguish. My niece was raped and murdered when she was just 12 years old. I have never got over it and never will. I have a hatred of predatory males. I am glad that Simon saved the day. He deserves a medal and I hope the police catch the two creatures.
    Take Care.

  11. Hello Peter

    I am so so sorry to hear about what happened to your niece that is terrible. I hope they caught and punished the monster that did it. These people that targeted my children I know will be found by the police. All I can do now is move on and make sure the girls are never in that position again. Simon was incredible. One brave dog and from this point on I know despite us having him for such a short time he truly is a loyal and loving friend to us all here on the farm. Thank you for your caring and support.

    You take care too

  12. And guys thank you to all of you for your love caring and support. And especially for your sharing of your own incredible experiences.

    Love to all of you and thanks so much for being there.

    Love Liz and the girls

  13. Liz
    you just take really good care of yourselves...
    sending you all hugs and love
    Thank God for Simon

  14. Hi Liz,

    I just returned to the blogosphere and was going through your blog's feed and am soooo shocked to read this news. How distressing. Having read John Douglas' Mind Hunter, I had realized the increasing abundance of seriously disturbed people and predators in today's society but I never thought that a friend or relative could have a brush with such a situation. Thank goodness that Simon saved the day and your two brave daughters escaped from the clutches of those two evil people. I hope that justice soon catches up to them.

    This must have been a very disturbing week for you. Sending many many well wishes your way. Take very good care of yourselves.


  15. Hi Twister Sister and my dear friend Omer

    Twisted Sister - thank you so much for your caring and support. Yes thank God for Simon, Without him I would have lost my girls. They're okay and improving each day. Just very fragile from the incident. The police are still looking but I know those men will be caught. The community has now been warned to guard their children and be on the watch for these two people. Huge hugs

    Omer I have really really missed you on the blogosphere. It's so good to have you back again. The girls are okay. I'm arranging specialised counselling for them. It was a difficult traumatic week for them and for me. This weekend was the first time the girls have managed to sleep right through the night without waking up scared. Simon was the best thing we could have had happen here. Sasquatch thinks he should have Simon's dog food and tries to steal it. We may yet have another kitty (or two) coming to live with us. So the dog will be totally out numbered by lots of cats.

    Love and hugs to you both
    Love Liz and the girls and of course all the kitties, Simon and the other creatures here on our farm

  16. Hi Liz, I just came across your blog by change and read about this recent incident. How scary and traumatic for you and your children.

    We also live in rural Northland, not far out of Whangarei - it's terrifying to have something like this happen so close to home. I don't recall hearing or reading anything about it at the time, but I'm pretty bad at keeping up with the local papers.

    I wondered if it had been publicised at all? Although I'm very against unwarranted scaremongering, if these guys are still uncaught, as a local parent I'm glad I've heard... now I can keep an special lookout.

    Is there any more of a description available? Type of blue car? Age, race etc of the men involved?

    Best wishes to you and your family, and a special pat for your wonderful dog.


  17. Hi Kirsty

    This was more a localised incident.The police at this stage have a description and are onto it. No it hasn't been made public in the media nor will it be. I've blogged about it because we as parents need to be aware that regardless of where we are in a rural area that our kids are not safe even on a quiet country road. My girls should have been safe to walk the family dog a few hundred metres without being molested by such people. The bus stops just across from our farm gate but I now wait with them regardless. It happens. The main thing is that we keep our kids safe at all times as hard as it is when we can get busy. email me if you like. The contact email is their in my profile.

    Thanks for your comment and best wishes to you too.

    PS We are very thankful we have Simon here with us.

  18. Sweet animals; what would we do without them. Thank God your Simon was able to protect your girls and they got home safe.

  19. Hello darling Tina

    Thank you so much for your words. Yes it was literally Thank God for Simon. Simon was meant to come to us. He's been a blessing for the girls and for me personally. He loves the girls very much

  20. Hi Liz-It's been a while since I have visited and what a scary story to read on my return. Wow, I'm so glad that Simon was there to rescue your girls. Thank God for that!
    I am hoping to get back to my bloggin soon. Have been dealing with some health issues, but hope to be doing better in the near future and back to normal.
    Blessings and Love,


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