Johnny Rotten invited to visit New Zealand’s free-range cows

18 May 2009

Johnny Rotten invited to visit New Zealand’s free-range cows

Federated Farmers Dairy wishes to invite former Sex Pistols front man, John Lyndon (aka Johnny Rotten), to come down under to see for himself, the difference free range cows makes to the quality of butter and other dairy products.

“Never mind the butter, it’s the quality of the milk what counts,” says Willy Leferink, Federated Farmers Dairy vice-chairperson.

“While all milk may contain the same basic properties, kiwi cows are in a league of their own.

“Grazing outdoors on GM free grass and natural winter feed makes for happy cows and fantastic quality milk. This milk is crafted into quality butter and other dairy products and the only thing holding us back in the UK, is the European Union’s ridiculous tariff barriers.

“One of our senior staff members, David Broome, lived in the UK for seven years. He tried Country Life Butter, once, and described it to me in colourful terms that Johnny Rotten would understand.

“David said only hand crafted but expensive British butter matched New Zealand butter for quality. The difference being that New Zealand butter can readily be found by British consumers in their local supermarket and convenience stores.

“New Zealand butter and dairy products, like our wine, is a taste revelation.

“New Zealand’s climate and quality pasture means we are in an agricultural sweet spot. British consumers literally taste freedom when they eat New Zealand butter.

“While I’d like to think of dairy farmers as being the rock stars of the New Zealand economy, I’d be pleased to host that old punk rocker, John Lyndon, on my farm.

“Perhaps Mr Lyndon could use some of the money he got paid for endorsing the British brand to pay for his flight down under,” Mr Leferink concluded


  1. If he does visit, you can keep him too if you want ;)

    Country Life is considered 'economy' butter over here too really, infact my gut feeling is that Anchor butter is considered the main stream premium brand for most of us anyhow.

  2. No I don't want Johnny Rotten maybe we could send him to Antarctica as a frozen pruned specimen.LOL! Hey thanks for visiting Wonk I have to catch up with you as well. Things have been so busy the last week or so and now I'm running into publication deadlines. Mad really...LOL

  3. Surely you'll have no trouble buttering up 'England's first mad cow'!
    (spelling his name right might help!!)


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