Paparoa Show Photos - Brother and Sister in the Miniature Horse Ring

These kids were a brother and sister competing in the miniature horse ring. So serious about it too. They did so well with their little horses. Inaya and Michelle wanted to take home just about every animal they saw - as if we don't have enough already?


  1. Those are teeny tiny horses mad bush. I do love to see kids taking it all so seriously though.
    Yhey didn't take your fancy to bring a couple home then?

  2. Looks like a great show! What lovely miniature horses - I've never seen anything like these.

    I'm just catching after a busy week in Neckelchester village -haven't had much time to visit all my bloggy friends.

    I'm really sorry about little Yowie, she was such a little cutie.

  3. I've noticed that it does not matter. We just have to have that one, too! Hope you said no....
    Those are really cute children and horses.

  4. But Liz, can't we just have one little pony! Ha ha. (You are my surrogate pet owner while we live in a place that allows No Pets!)

  5. Hi Guys.LOL!

    Weaver. Those Teeny Tiny horses are very cute but EXPENSIVE. One day we might shrink our animals and have little minnie moos and horse. I'll stick to the bigger ones just for now.

    Raph - The show was lots of fun but very hot that day. Lots of kids and animals which was great. Hope you've had a great week though even though you were busy. No rest for Necky Giraffes is there.

    We're sorry about Yowie too. She was such a little charmer. I ahve lots of photos of her still to share and will still put them up for everyone to enjoy.

    Tina- Just one becomes a multitude. I had just ONE Jersey calf there wern't going to be anymore...and now we have five cows..just TWO cats and we ended up with four..groan Those kids were cute and the littl horses with them. Hug sna love to you

    Red Clover - Oh no you can't have one teeny little pony I can loan you two old horses though.LOL I have more photos of the show coming. No more pets! (I've said that 5 years running).LOL