The Tuesday morning from some whacked Comedy Show

What's your plan?

The Cats have taken over the photo uploader!

It happened after a long weekend. Tuesday before last to be exact. I've been so busy me and the blogs haven't been haven't been on a one to one basis all that much sorry guys I haven't been over. You're all wonderful friends and I really appreciate and care about all of you. So where was I? Oh yes the insane Tuesday morning. Most normal people have alarm clocks to wake them up. I had three at 6 am. Two kittens playing inside our big old U.S. made General Electric Dryer were making a hell of a racket. Then E.T the Turkey peeping at the top of its lungs and on top of everything else the Terrorist doing her mooing from the paddock where she had been banished to as loud as she could. Yeah yeah I'm getting up mutter growl complain then stagger out to the kitchen and make a coffee so I can actually function.

The kids get up the kittens are let out and the older cats let in. Fine. Breakfast eaten. Kids sent to school everything opened up including the doors. We have a flyscreen on the ranchslider to keep the chickens out..but not on the front door....Zoned out making yet another coffee after cleaning out the turkey's cage and the kittens litter box I hear the Terrorist mooing again except...it was inside the house? Turned around to find the Terrorist had walked through the front door and was stood there with both front legs on top of Sasha's horse feed. Oh no....and right behind the Terrorist in a bid to increase his species was Micah the Guts. Cattle stick, lead rope and lots of unpleasant words the Terrorist was shoved out of the house, Guts walloped and a dilemma as in how to get Guts put back behind a fence wire that was actually working? By then Maggie had discovered the joys of Whiskers cat biscuits and was hard at work in the kitchen helping herself. Since Guts was sooo in love with the Terrorist I managed to open up the top wire and walk them both through. Guts found himself stuck behind a live fence and the Terrorist found herself tied up to a tree behind the house. Get back inside booted Maggie out who by now had eaten all of the cat biscuits and was promptly attacked by two itteh bitteh kittehs on the hunt for the hooman's legs..What a morning groan.

On a sadder note...E.T the Turkey passed away last Saturday morning. Also to our friends in Australia our families' heart goes out to all of you and to the victims of the tragic bush fires in Victoria.

Ocean hunting one of the cats


  1. oh nooo sounds like you've had quite a day! wow you almost have maungaturoto zoo going on there lol

  2. The Terrorist thinks she is a human too. If only they made cow diapers, she could mooove right in! :-)
    Just have to find the humor in life, right?


  3. Golly-Gee, you should write a book.

    I am just tired from reading this post. But, it was very comical. Hang in there and keep us posted..

    Happy Valentines day.


  4. Hi Guys,

    Amy - Yeah it IS a damned zoo here. I'm trying to write an article and I have a kitth trying to bit my fingers!LOL

    Jennifer...why is it you severely crack me up? Moooove yeah I love the pun!!!

    Hi Leslie

    Sorry I haven't visited you for so long. I will come on over as soon as I can and happy valentines day to you too.

    Take care guys
    Love and hugs

  5. Wow, I really feel for ya Liz. I can safely say that I have had days quite close to that except without all the animals. Just the kids.:) It's like, "what could possible happen next?" I think that its the way we respond that makes everything way more worse and its usually during that time of month, ya know?:)
    Visit when you can:)

  6. Hi Salina

    Yes I know exactly what you mean. Kids,calves,kittens,cats,bulls and cows and horses I tell you. But i wouldn't be without any of them except maybe guts who is naughty and a bull to boot but then again he's not that bad.

  7. LOL
    Think David Attenborough would have a ball at your house!

  8. Jayne I think poor David Attenborough would need shock treatment after visiting my insane asylum and even that wouldn't save him....not from the clutches of my kids...

  9. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  10. Hello Elaina Thanks for your comment. Great to hear from you. Drop in aagain soon