This Farm isn't Mad - it's INSANE!!!!!!

River the first one we raised born 2006

Why is it Mad Bush Farm is always crazy. No day is ever *normal* something always happens. Sometimes though there are days when seriously I could just pick up the phone and call up the men with the white coats to come and take me away. Those days came yesterday and today. Last week was nothing but deadlines, a One Day Event which I'll post about later, and printing the local rag on time. The weekend was quieter with a trip to Dargaville and the museum as well, yet something else to post about groan. Sunday afternoon it all started..........

Maggie May grumping after she got kicked out of the house

We get home at 3 pm or so after a fun day out and instantly get attacked by six grumpy chickens dead set on scoring a free feed. Just one complication chickens won't find school shoes very appealing. The ring leader of course was Maggie May who at the moment has become ultra-grumpy and over broody deciding to hog her hoard of eggs and pick anyone coming near. We call this the Ina Sharples phase and for those who know the Uk TV Programme Coronation Street from the early days of Television will remember Ina all too well. My Nana thought Ina Sharples was marvellous...not us kids mutter. All Maggie needs right now is the hairnet and she'd be Ina Sharples!!! Six chickens followed us into the house and were booted out by the tail feathers. Growl! And of course the cats decided to join in the mayhem. Dream and Emerald stormed in and promptly had a scrap in the kitchen. They were booted out as well. Then we go and let the kittens out...oh no...more trouble. My leg was attacked then Sasquatch decided my leg was a really good thing to hang onto as I walked out the door to see why the Terrorist was bellowing. Bad move that..........

Terrorising as usual The Terrorist
a spoilt rotten little toad
and too cute for her own good

Little did I know the electric fence had decided to pack a sad at one end of the farm - exactly the paddock where the Terrorist was. She saw me and cleared the wire running after *Mummy* who had a white kitten still clung to her leg and no chance of escape from a six month old Jersey Terrorist with an identity problem. She sees a cow she runs the other way. The issue BOTTLE!!!!NOW!!. Inaya came out to see what all the noise was about..then next thing she knows the Terrorist is trying to get into the house to find her bottle. They say cows are dumb - I beg to differ on that score. No they have brains - some more than others. Try having five of them with brains. Not a good scene and the two brainiest here are the two Jerseys. The ranchslider got hastily shut with a lead rope rapidly found and the Terrorist tied up. Yes she got her bottle and we got some peace and quiet from the bellowing. When the bull finally goes then we can finally get her in with the others and weaned properly. She should be weaned but the wrong answer buzzer just keeps on buzzing. Then today after school the kids turned up with this....
Cute isn't it... mutter... IT has been called ET for now if it lives that is. Picked on by a big turkey and rescued by my kids. ET will turn into this.........
And no the chopping block will not be an option my kids won't ever talk to me again if I do that. I'll leave you with the two little trouble makers below....


  1. Get a scriptwriter, you get busy with your skilled artwork -- you'd easily have a Maungaturoto-version of "Footrot Flats" before you could yell out "Horse Rules, OK?"

    When you're a famous comedy artist, remember the idea was mentioned here. ;-)

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm my evil brain is working overtime.....Yeah I should but horse don't rule here it's the Terrorist or that grumpy little hen of ours.

    Trouble is what if the scriptwriter turns out to be a gnome with a large chip on the china shoulder?

  3. "Trouble is what if the scriptwriter turns out to be a gnome with a large chip on the china shoulder?"

    Despite the fact that I know you love and adore gnomes with fatal wounds from imbedded implements -- taking pot-shots at the shoulders of a prospective height-challenged scriptwriter doesn't sound all that sensible, does it? (Mind you, if said gnome had taken to wearing fur as a fashion statement, and you happened upon said gnome while on a midnight possum hunt, I can understand how a shoulder-chipping -- at least! -- could take place. An ignome-inious fate for any innocent ornament with a writing compulsion ...Probably why there aren't many gnome authors these days. They're probably all limping and screaming pointy-hatted fur-wearers up North, there ...)


  5. That would make him (or her, let's not be sexist here) a powdered befurred height-challenged gnomic scriptwriter ...


  6. Riiiiiiiiight.
    OK, so I take it extra garden gnomes (with or without the obligatory fishing rod in hand) would be a welcome addition to firing ranges and/or nightly possum hunts in your neck of the woods?:P

  7. One of the gnomes had a horrible accident today. The one with the Axe in his head got his boots broken off. I have to glue the sod back together now!!!Bugger.

    As for the possums......their days are seriously numbered the rotten marsupial sods

    I think I'll go gnome hunting instead......

  8. awww cute turkey! it is a baby...awww...
    Glad your farm is insane, my household went mad years ago lol

  9. A turkey that makes lots of noise!!! Peep peep peeep eppppppeeeeeeeppppppeeeeep
    Yes perhaps you ahve a madehouse so that must mean I have an insane asylum it is at the moment!!!LOL

  10. Well, I feel very happy and at home visiting! So ours must be a madhouse too ...

  11. Raph you just seriously crack me up!!!

  12. LOL i agree with timespanner
    I think the terrorist looks like she's ready to come live with me and my critters! She is still a doll....so are you going to keep her? DUH I think I know that answer

  13. Hello Rae!!!!!!! My life would never be the same without The Terrorist. Yah she stays and ..THERE ARE NO MORE CALVES!!!!!!! No More please...hopefully River and the others will have babies of their own. I'll be over to visit today once I've sorted some other stuff out.Hope you don't have too much storm damage. Your blog wouldn't come up so I'll try again a little later today.

    Love and hugs to you and the family and all your critters