I smell like a Bog Monster!!!!!

I'm surprised no one can smell me from across the globe, not even a shower has got rid of the stench of stagnant bog water - yuk.

After finally breaking the back of the infamous Mozzie Stronghold. The bog has been emptied. The goldfish are having a wonderful time in their newly extended pond eating lots of Mozzie Wriggle creatures, who will have no future as Squadron leaders anytime soon. I had to go into the fishpond and lift up some of the water lilies and move them so oxygen would go into the new part of the pond. In the meantime I had a wonderful conversation with several frogs and the goldfish trying to work out what the strange stilt creature was doing mucking up their pond. More to do but that can wait for a couple of days. I've had it.

The Terrorist no longer has a playmate. The Kamakaze Calf was returned safely to her owners this afternoon thank goodness. Today has been scorching hot, same as yesterday. The cattle of are going through around 200 litres of water a day and the horses around the same. Sasha is continuing to put on weight which is a good sign. The good grass and the change of feed has helped greatly. My diagnosis of Picken the Chicken's vitamin E deficiency was spot on. She's improved a lot and isn't falling over so often. Good sign there.

I am going to try and get some art work done and forget my very painful sunburn for a couple of days. And finally get over to all my favourite blogs and read them!!!! Well I am going to go now and find some very strong smelling perfume. I wonder if Chanel has a Bog Water Scent available....


  1. Well at least you got the job done! Good to know that the animals are feeding well despite the heat and improving in health.

    Sorry to learn about that fire. At least nobody was hurt despite the damage it caused.

    Sad that the Lion Man is having to auction off his stuff to earn money to reclaim the park. Hoping again that things work out for the good of them and the animals, between him and his mother.

    Stagnant water is indeed a breeding pool for the mosquitos. Glad that you are over with the work at the bog now. The Kamakaze calf does indeed look quite nonchalant there..gazing at the camera contentedly!

    Seems like you got lots going on at the farm right now...hope things are getting under control gradually now..

    Thanks again for continuing to introduce such cool blogs. I'm going to check them all out one by one.

    Loved your pictures of the farm and the locality. Hope all is well with the kids and the cats. Many purrs and hugs as always :)

  2. Did you take those two stunning shots at the top, Storm?

  3. Timespanner _ Yes I did take those two shots Ice. I was in the fishpond and I got Inaya to hand me the camera they turned out really well with the right settings that is.

    Snowforest - Hi Omer

    Finally it's all done. The drain is over fifteen metres long so I am very very tired from all the digging.

    That fire was bad. It's gutted some nice old buildings sadly.

    The Lion Man I think is getting really desperate and trying anything to get his park back. I'll be keeping an eye on it closely to see what happens.

    I hate mosquitos. Biology comes in handy sometimes.... The Kamakaze is back with her friends but the Terrorist is now unhappy she has gone. I'm not

    The Farm is a mess still. Two years of deferred maintenance has caught up with me. Sixty hour working weeks didn't help get the work done there for a while. Catching up now though.

    My favourite blog is the Ugly animals and the photo website. Really worth checking out.

    The cats have caught lots of mice and sadly birds as well. Kids are fighting as usual. Holidays do that I guess. I'll be trying to stay sane...

    Purrs and hugs to you and the kitties


  4. Well I can't smell you from Wisconsin. But I do like 3 miles from a sauerkraut factory, so that might be masking it! :-)

    Just think of all the muscles you toned in your digging project, and the money saved on anti-itch cream for the mosquito bites.

    Relax and recover and have a cool drink, you've earned it.


  5. I was wondering what that smell was, Liz. Haha. Glad the fish are having a good meal from the nasty larva!

    Love the water lilies. Glad the little red hen is doing better, and that the Kamakazi calf went home, although I know the cute terrorist misses her.

    The hot weather is hard on the animals, and they keep you busy. Hope your sunburn is better!

    I always enjoy visiting with you, Liz. Take care and get some good rest once in a while.



  6. Sunburn? What's that she says as it is minus 6 here and freezing. Glad you have got rid of the muzzies!

  7. wow I didn't know you had lillies there - cool! and the green frogs are pretty, we use to get those in Mangawhai when it rained :-)


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