I need ......less madness?

Gosh I haven't blogged for five or six days!!!!! Madness here as I write. Micah is out the..censored so and so. Jumped the spring gate most likely so I'll be up the hill briefly to sort the sod out. Typical bull has to find somewhere greener...Here's a photo I took yesterday at a one day event I went to. Be back in a little while....


  1. cool photo taken in midair! Have you been busy with the drains on the farm?

  2. Great Picture!
    Don't overwork yourself down there. Do you have any toes left from your new itteh bitteh kitteh invaders? :-)


  3. Hi Guys!!!

    Amy - drains,bedrooms,house,weeds,garden and of course sorting out the Maungaturoto Matters. Send this, get that...groan. Just busy!!!! Never mind. I'll be sorted soon thank goodness. and the drains are getting there. Loads to do yet before winter comes again.

    Hi Jennifer!!

    No I'm pacing myself out. Lots of farm work to do and it's never ending as you would well know. Naughty itteh bitteh kitteh invaders are still biting my toes.LOL!!!

  4. Hi, just found your blog from Timespanner and am enjoying the read :)

  5. Hi Jayne!! Yes I've read your blog and it's really cool. Gotta get over and say Hi anyway. Great to hear from you

    Take care