Calves We've raised 2007 & 2008


  1. Hey there! Saw you checked out my blog and was following, so I checked out yours! Nice to"meet" you! Looks like me your crzy over your calves, horses, and kids and like to take lots of pictures of them and your family! Hope to talk to you in the near future!-Rae

  2. Got your comment! Its so cool to talk to someone around the globe I agree! Cant wait to hear how cattle raising is different or alike there due to the weather, etc....we are going into Fall, and the Farmers Almanac and all those supposed weather smarties are telling us we are in for a bad winter this year...great more trips through the farm in the ice and snow and mud checking cows and calves! with 150 head it gets time consuming! BUT I LOVE IT! I've been a single mom for a long time until Norm and I got together and he gave me the life I've always dreamed of! My email address is wilmothfarms@windstream.net...anxious to hear about your art and how you got where you are and get some tips!-Rae